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Alchemy Plants is a sister business to The Herb Boat. Before moving onto my boat, I previously had a gardening business, for 20 years, and ran a small herb nursery. Probably the only thing I miss since moving on board is working the land and growing plants, though I have a small roof garden.

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I have always stocked a few herb plants on the boat, but this year decided to expand, and launch a sister business to The Herb Boat, namely “Alchemy Plants”.

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Alchemy Plants is a small (it has to be on a boat!), seasonal and ever changing collection that reflects my own passion for, and interest in, particular types of plant, including

  • Metallic leaf plants; Gold, Silver and Bronze foliage
  • Dark, Bruised and Bloody Plants
  • Edible, Healing and Poisonous plants; Herbs, both culinary and botanical, edible flowers and more unusual vegetable plants
  • Mystical, Magical, Enchanting and Enlightening plants; Plants with folklore traditions for use in magic and rituals
  • Curious Plants; Plants with interesting names or forms that catch my eye

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In stock at the moment I have a good selection of herbs, including more unusual plants such as Vietnamese Coriander, cucumbery Salad Burnet, which is great in salads and makes a gorgeous green wine, and Myrtle

Or for a more Gothic gardener, I have black Petunias, Sempervivum "Ashes and Roses" and "Kramer's Spinrad" with it's spiders web covering, Dicentra "Bleeding Hearts" and the stunning black cow parsley Anthriscus sylvestris "Ravenswing"

For serious metal heads who want a more rock and roll garden, I have plants like Fuschia "Deep Purple" and Panicum virgatum "Heavy Metal" a stunning ornamental grass.

Those who are more magically inclined may like dreamy Mugwort and the "witches herb" Vervain. And then there is the deleriously beautiful but poisonous Datura inoxia or Angel's trumpets and Wormwood, one of the ingredients of Absinthe liqueur said to give the green fairy her wings.

Or why not create a mystical corner with Aquilegia "Red Hobbit", Eryngium "Blue Hobbit", Digitalis "Camelot Cream" ..... you get the picture ....


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This year, 2016, will be a trial trading year, re-establishing contacts and developing a stock base on land. I have very limited roof space on the boat, and will gradually be focussing on more unusual specimens that are not easily available in Garden Centres. Where possible, stock will be British grown and include perennials, biennials, alpines, shrubs and annuals.I am also available for consultancy, advice and design work, to assist in the creation of new gardens or regeneration of old gardens. When possible I can also carry out gardening work such as specialist pruning, one-off tidy-ups and planting.

Mail order is not currently available but I will keep you updated of where I am trading and new stock via The Herb Boat website, and Alchemy Plants Facebook page

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