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Medicinal Use

I am often asked to recommend herbs and spices for specific ailments. Please note, I am NOT a qualified medical practitioner or herbalist, and I would always recommend consulting a qualified practioner before treating yourself for serious medical problems. Any information on the medical and magical use of herbs and spices on this website is for interest only. There is a vast amount of knowledge on the world wide web concerning the use of herbs and spices. I cannot accept any responsibility for adverse effects suffered from self medication without proper advice, or advice from third parties.

However, I believe we are all inherently capable of taking responsibility for our own physical, mental and emotional health, and there is a vast wealth of knowledge, and thousands of years of collective experience of using herbs and spices to maintain and enhance our well-being, in all manner of different ways. 

Do your research, learn the old ways, tried and tested over the centuries, enjoy your herbs and spices and the proven benefits they can bring to your life. Become wise and nurture yourself with the abundance of what our wonderful world still has to offer. The big global drug and food companies are increasingly taking control of our resources, but there is much you can do on a personal level to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit.

If you have underlying health problems, are taking prescribed medication or during pregnancy and breastfeeding, always proceed with caution and take professional advice before self medicating.

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