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Tansy grows prolifically here in Yorkshire on the banks of the Aire and Calder navigation. It is an attractive, upright, perennial herb, with aromatic feathery foliage and bright yellow button flowers that bees love. It makes a great garden plant, though can be invasive, and is tolerant of most soils. Plant a patch near your back door to discourage flies.


Tansy was cultivated by the ancient Greeks, and appears in early monastic medicinal herb gardens. Historically, it was used for intestinal worms, but it is seldom used medicinally now due to it's toxicity from it's high thujone content. It should not be taken internally without the supervision of an experienced herbalist, particularly if you are pregnant.

Tansy has a pungent, bitter aroma and was used as a "strewing herb" in the medieval period, strewn on the floor and in beds as an insect repellent. It was also used in embalming and burnt as incense. It is increasingly being used as a biological pesticide, as a companion plant. It is also a useful natural yellow dye plant.

Here on the Herb Boat I use Tansy in my Moth Repellent Sachets and stock the dried herb for use in incense mixes.



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